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We are Cedar Studios

We are an audio post-production studio based in Guildford, Surrey. Here at Cedar we offer a wide range of services from location recording to bespoke sound design and composition for all media forms. 

Our professional and competitive audio services can be tailored to your budget, without compromising on audio quality.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss any future projects, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Meet the Team

Tom Keech - Cedar Studios_edited.jpg

Tom Keech

Tom's been working in the industry for over a decade now.

In this time not only has Tom proven to be a knowledgable and intricate sound engineer, but an extremely talented writer and composer.

Most of our trailer and short film work is solely in Tom's hands, his level of polish is something that can't be matched easily. As Tom's a bit of a perfectionist, you'll be hard pressed to find a better sounding mix.

Phil French - Cedar Studios

Phil French

Phil's a multi-instrumentalist who started out composing sync music that's been sold worldwide.

From there Phil branched out to other aspects of audio, from on location recording to bespoke sound design and composition.

As Phil is always playing some sort of instrument, his attention to detail in his compositions add a sense of realism that you just can't fake with MIDI samples.

Tom Puttick - Cedar Studios.jpeg

Tom Puttick

Tom started out at an early age writing and performing his own music, while keeping up his keen interest in the gaming world.

Tom's now managed to combine his two passions, with his extensive knowledge and library of games, he knows what works and what doesn't sound wise.

If Tom's not composing new music, he'll probably be ruffling through our foley boxes creating some new sounds.

Sam Bucknall - Cedar Studios.jpg

Sam Bucknall

Sam started out as a composer/sound designer, with an extensive knowledge of video games.


But Sam isn’t just an audiophile, he’s also made his own game!


Sam’s knowledge of how things work, along with his musical and audible talents, make him an invaluable power house at Cedar.

Kris Masters - Cedar Studios

Kris Masters

​Kris started out working for record labels, finding/ producing new talent, whilst also composing and mixing for a range of clientele.

You may have heard a lot of Kris’ library work without realising it.. Now Kris can be found writing gameplay tracks, marketing material and finalising mixes and mastering across all projects.


The mastering/Masters joke isn’t lost on us either, don’t worry.

Gabe Susman - Cedar Studios.jpeg

Gabe Susman

Gabe is a bit of an anomaly in the team, with a degree in mathematics and a background in board game design. He provides implementation services/support for all of our video game clientele.

With all the middleware, repositories and different engines to keep up with, having a systematic maths brain on board ensures a high level of quality control, as well as freeing up our creative team to focus on what they’re best at.

You can usually find Gabe profiling debugs or scrutinising spreadsheets.

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