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CS Session Custom Sample Kit

CS Session Custom Kit is a Kontakt sample library like no other. It has been designed specifically to tackle an issue that many project sized studios face when sample enhancing drum recordings. 

What's different from any other library?

As well as providing a huge dynamic range of samples, a convolution impulse response of the room microphones is provided to give you a great deal of flexibility with how you shape your drum mix. Simply bus your overheads to the convolution reverb and mix the bus with the room samples to taste to instantly put your original drums in the same environment as the samples.

This technique greatly improves the believability of the drum enhancement as it glues your drums and samples to one environment. 

It opens up lots of options in the mix as you can ride the room mikes but effect the whole room sound, not just the samples.

For any studio that hasn't got the floor space to capture a good room sound, this library will overcome that issue.

You can even take it further by sending other instruments to the reverb such as vocals and guitars instantly giving you the benefits that larger recording facilities have at their disposal.

It is currently free to download so go try it out!

VERSION 2 NOW AVAILABLE... Version 1 had some issues with the faders, knobs and buttons not showing correctly in kontakt on some devices. If you Purchased before the 28/10/16 please download the newest version.

Click HERE To Download 


There is no additional EQ, Compression or effects added 

Drums Before 

Raw DrumsCedar Samples

Drums After

CSSC Convolution and samplesCedar Samples

Just samples example

Session Custom Kit Just SamplesCedar Samples
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